THE RENAISSANCE ONE CO. provides consultation and interpreting services for businesses, companies, and organizations who interact with the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We have consulted on issues related to:

*   hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees,
*   marketing to the Deaf and hard of hearing     community,
*   providing interpreting services for organizational     functions and large conferences/conventions,
*   ensuring ADA compliance,

*   consulting on video work involving ASL     
    (e.g. products, training, seminars, concerts)

*   Creating dynamic classes, learning environments,
    seminars, and training sessions for basic ASL
    and ASL jargon needed for the work environment.

Our work and skill level are nonpareil. We have consultants and interpreters who have experience in a broad spectrum of areas with following degrees: Master of Divinity (theology and ethics), Master of Arts in Folklore/Ethnomusicology, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Master of Arts a myriad of undergraduate degrees in Deaf Studies, Education, Business, Music, etc.  Our interpreters are entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, community activists, social justice workers, and advocates.

Overall, we have more than 30 years of combined consulting and interpreting experience!

Moreover, INTEGRITY is the fuel of our company. We commit to providing you with the top-notch service as it relates to American Sign Language consulting and interpreting. We deliver on our promises!


Let THE RENAISSANCE ONE CO. use its experts to empower your company and/or
make your event accessible for the entire public.

"We know how to communicate; we know how to EMPOWER!"

For more information, or to secure one of our consultants or interpreters, please email us at





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